CPoCUS Core IP Boot Camp - October 14-16, 2020           

Please note that due to the current COVID pandemic, we will be creating a very safe environment for the upcoming course. All learners, models, and instructors will be required to wear face masks at all times. The ultrasound probes as well as well as each participant's hands will be disinfected between each model, and we will ensure as much social distancing as is possible for such an event. All participants will be screened at the beginning of each day to ensure minimal risk of COVID infection and transmission.                                                                                                                                   

Course Overview:


Intensive 3-day course at the McGill Simulation Centre that will provide participants with opportunity to obtain all requirements for CPoCUS (formerly CEUS) Core Independent Practitioner certification.

The Boot Camp includes:

  1. ePOCUS Essentials Core course provided online prior to the boot camp

  2.  All scans of Cardiac, lung, Abdomen, Aorta and pelvis.

  3. All required exams including Practical, Visual, and written components.

Next Course - Oct 14-16

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